Gold Saving Scheme

Anything is possible with a little investment with Amior Gold Purchase Plan

Amior who understands gold

Amior offers gold saving scheme at a competitive price where the quality and purity are assured. Once you have registered with Amior gold investment plan, you will get a welcome kit with your unique id number and your login account user and password. After your registration, only you can book your gold bars and will get the order details and amount to be paid.

On enrolling with the gold monthly scheme of Amior, you are free to choose the right Denomination to purchase as 0.5, 1, 2 or 5 gms accordingly.

On booking of the gold, you get the total amount to be paid with order details with GST. and you can pay your total amount as an advance payment within 30 days(no rate fluctuation). You can start with minimum Rs.100 and pay your balance amount at your convenience within 30 days (daily, weekly, bi-monthly etc). On the completion of your booking amount anytime before or on 30 days, you will get the physical delivery of your certified gold. You can get your physical gold delivery on the spot at Amior office or galleries within India. The company also offers free home delivery within 24 to 48 hrs with GST paid invoice.

You can get register yourself online or you can also arrange an adviser from the company any time. Booking of gold is done only on Saturdays and you can pay from next day till 30th day from the date of booking without any change in gold price booked. You can pay online, cheque or with any UPI id and also you can ask the company for availing facilities of door collection.

The company embraces its clients with buyback 24/7 for your convenience with the current gold rate. You will get a re-booking card for your next booking so that you can turn your small savings again into gold bars which are completely risk-free.

Amior gold investment plan is better than a mutual fund or any other bank schemes as ROI of gold is much higher and completely risk-free from market up and downs.

Amior physical gold bars are ideal for housewives, small shop owners, new couples and people who are interested in saving their hard-earned money rather than losing your money in false schemes or in market risk like a mutual fund with highest ROI (RETURN ON INVESTMENT) You can check your account details, gold rates and transaction details at any point of time, by using your login id and password. Amior has an astonishing reputation in this field (more than 20 years) which helps you in saving your small amount into physical gold.

Our Process

Create Account

Create Account


Pay Daily or Monthly Installments

Gold Coins

Own Gold Coin/Bar after Month

Amior Bulion Allows you to :

Modern Interior Design of New

Choose Your Denominitation

Amior offers 24 kt gold coins and bars which are available in 0.5GM 1GM 2GMS and 5GMS denomination

Product of the week – beauty

Choose Your Design

Amior offers 24 kt gold coins and bars which are available in designs with lazer imprints such has normal with company brand name or also with personalise name of your spouse or child, we also offer bars withs personalise pic of your spouse or your child

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Choose Your Packing

Amior offers 24 kt gold coins and bars which are available in different packings for all your occassions and feelings to express such as thanking you, anniversary,birthday wishes, diwali wishes and many more


Amior’s gold investment scheme is very beneficial for everyone especially the housewives, new couples, small business owners, etc. This scheme has helped many people in turning their savings into gold.



Come personally to inspect your precious metals at our storage facility, or appoint a representative to do it on your behalf.


Collect your bullion directly from our storage facility or appoint a representative to collect it on your behalf.

Transport or Take Delivery

Transport or take delivery of your bullion by requesting us to arrange the fully insured shipment of your holdings to selected countries.

Sell for Cash

Sell your coins or bars back to us any time ie 24/7 the proceeds of sell will be transferred to your bank account