Before using our services (“Services”), you (Purchaser) are requested to please ensure that you carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions which shall apply. Your use of our Services provided through Amior Bullion. (hereinafter called “AB” or “Company” or “we” or “us”) or through our Authorized Business Associates (hereinafter referred to as “BDM”)is expressly conditional on your acceptance of the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) and will form the agreement between AB and you.
This page sets forth the Terms and Conditions under which the Company provides the information about its Gold COINS AND Bars(hereinafter referred to as “Gold bar”)and as well as the terms and conditions for use of our Services through the Company or its Authorized BDM.
We offer the purchaser to Book the order and buy small gold denomination coins and bars of 0.5gm, 1gm, 2gms and 5gms with convenience of paying advance against the order and take delivery against complete payment within 30 days of booking.


1. The Purchaser by himself/herself or through its authorized personnel shall place an order for the gold bar for any denomination between 0.5 gm, 1 gm, 2 gms and 5 gms. With AB or with our BDM.
2. The Order shall be placed on every Saturday of every month, through recorded telephone lines or by e-mail to the Company or our BDM.
3. The Order shall clearly set out the quantity of the Product to be purchased.
4. The purchase price of the Gold bar will be fixed by the Company or its BDM at the time of placing the order and this price shall be in conformity with the prevailing market price of that particular Saturday.
5. The Order once placed and confirmed by AB shall be irrevocable.
6. The Purchaser shall at the time of placing the order also specify the mode of delivery of the Gold bar.
7. On receipt and confirmation of the Order, the Company or its Agent will generate an order number and the same will be intimated to the Purchaser by an automated text message or E-mail or a telephone call on the registered telephone or mobile number provided by the Purchaser or by any other agreed mode of communication.
8. The Purchaser agrees and confirms that GST pertaining to the transaction shall be borne by the Purchaser himself.
9. On placing the order, the Purchaser can provide a Letter of Authority (in the prescribed format), stating the names of authorized persons along with the photographs, contact numbers and specimen signatures of the authorized persons allowing such persons to do such actions such as purchasing, making payment or taking delivery on behalf of the Purchaser.


1. After placing the order the Purchaser has to select the method of payment which are as follows:-
(A) Daily; OR (B) Once in a week; OR (C) One time.
2. The price of the Gold bar includes GST levied along with other charges which shall be mentioned in the invoice generated by the Company.
3. Once the entire payment is received by the Company towards the Gold bar, the Company shall deliver the GOLD BAR to the Purchaser on the registered address provided.
4. The Purchaser agrees that the delivery of the Gold bar shall be given only to the authorized personnel of the Purchaser. In the event that there is any change in the list of authorized personnel, the Purchaser shall keep AB informed and shall also provide a revised Letter of Authority (in the prescribed format) with the relevant details of the authorized persons. At no point in time shall the Company be held liable/responsible for any change in the Authorized personnel, not communicated to the Company in writing.


1. The agent of the Company shall handover the Gold bar to the Purchaser himself or its authorized personnel only after seeing his/her original photo identity and they should also have Amior Card.
2. If the Purchaser or its authorized personnel is not available to accept the delivery, the authorized agent of the Company shall return the Gold bar to the Warehouse. Failure to accept the delivery, an automated message will be sent to the registered mobile number informing the Purchaser about the non-delivery.
3. In the event non - delivery, AB shall not be liable or nor be held responsible for the same. AB shall hold the Gold bar only on behalf of the Purchaser at his risk, costs (including but not limited to warehousing costs) and consequences.
4. In any event, if the Company fails to deliver the Gold bar due to natural calamities on the promised date, then the Company or its Agent shall inform the Purchaser about the non-delivery and shall deliver the Gold bar within 48 hours.


1. In the event of any delay/failure/refusal on the part of the Purchaser and/or its nominee or authorized personnel in making the payment and/or clearance/negligence and/or refusal to take delivery for any reason whatsoever, all consequences arising thereof, such as detention/demurrage/storage/carrying charges/any other charges including but not restricting to the interest incurred, involved in the transaction and/or loss/damages/deterioration in the quality etc. shall be to the account of the Purchaser.
2. It is hereby expressly agreed and understood by and between the parties hereto that the Company shall in no manner be responsible or liable for any loss, harm or injury suffered or incurred by the Purchaser arising out of this terms, and more particularly on account of any potential or actual fluctuations of the price of the Gold bar.
3. The Purchaser confirms that the prices fixed by the Company shall be firm and binding. The Purchaser confirms that the prices so recognized and fixed will be valid and subsisting.


1. The Company acknowledges 24/7 buyback of the Gold bar.
2. If the Purchaser is willing to sell the Gold bar, so they can send a request to the Company over recorded telephone lines or by e-mail to the Company or its Authorized Agents.
3. After receiving the request, the Company will confirm the said request. The Authorized Agent of the Company will visit the address of the Purchaser and will examine the Gold bar.
4. After examining, the Authorized Agent shall collect the Gold bar and issue a receipt and make a payment to the Purchaser at the prevailing market price of previous Saturday after deducting the taxes and other charges. The payment shall be made either by Cash/NEFT/IMPS.
5. AB reserves the right to withhold/cancel the order/indented quantity as its option on account of ban, indented prohibition conditions, if any, imposed by the Government of India or any other Statutory or Regulatory body on import or trade of gold/silver and the same shall be communicated to the Purchaser accordingly. The Purchaser shall accept changes in the policy regarding gold bar import made by the Government of India from time to time and shall abide by it accordingly.
6. These terms shall be construed and governed by the Law of India, and each party hereto agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Mumbai for all purposes relating to these terms.
7. All disputes or differences in respect of any matter relating to or arising out of disagreement amongst the Purchaser and Company, if the same is not resolved amicably, will be settled at Mumbai by Arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Indian Council of Arbitration. A sole arbitrator jointly agreed by the Parties shall be appointed. The award of the Arbitrator shall be binding on both the Parties. The venue of arbitration will be Mumbai.