Amior understands gold

Amior belongs to the well-known community of Soni who are core manufactures of gold jewellery from more than 500 years and Amior group is a huge player in precious metal industry with having experience of more than 20 years.


Amior decided to bring a revolutionary programme which can even turn your small savings into gold. This is a programme from which all class of people can get their savings safe in their own hands rather than investing in false schemes and losing their hard earned money which people commanly do to get higher return in this scenario of economy. whereas gold always give average more returns than any risky investment, We also offer safe vault facility for our customers who are for short stay in city for 2 to 6 months as they can take their gold while they go home or also they can collect their amount on selling them or even collect gold from their respective cities centre if there or nearby centre


Amior’s gold investment scheme is very beneficial for everyone especially the housewives, new couples, small business owners, etc. This scheme has helped many people in turning their savings into gold.