Why Gold?

We indians believe in the most secure and safe investment called gold and we also as indian culture believe to give our daughter the same assets in form of jewellery as father always dreams and makes sure that his daughter is always safe so here is the oportunity to fulfill your dreams with average bride requirements which may vary according to choice

Bride with Father
  • Its most liquid asset.
  • It's a big financial security.
  • Gold is tangible asset.
  • It's long lasting & durable.
  • It's accepted world wide.
  • It's value increases with time.
  • It's a maintainces free asset.

Average Bride Requirement of Gold Jewellery

Type Of Gold Jewellery Average Weight Average Month with AMIOR
1. Fingers Ring 5 Grms 5 Months
2. Chain 10 Grms 10 Months
3. Bracelet 10 Grms 10 Months
4. Arm Let 30 Grms 30 Months
5. Patla / Bangles 50 Grms 50 Months
6. Necklace ( Small ) 30 Grms 30 Months
7. Necklace ( Big ) 65 Grms 65 Months
Total 200 Grms 200 Months


Amior’s gold investment scheme is very beneficial for everyone especially the housewives, new couples, small business owners, etc. This scheme has helped many people in turning their savings into gold.

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